About Our Business

Our engineers:

  • have worked in leading positions in variety of capacities in RF and microwave
    fields covering frequencies up to high GHz, including working on Projects for
    NXP, Conexant, Siemens, Nokia Mobile Phones, European Space Agency,
    British AeroSpace, Phillips, Fujitsu, Samsung.

  We have:

  • Designed/architected/simulated/characterized and evaluated RF-digital System
    for TV terrestrial/satellite tuners, computer modems, CDMA/AMPS and
    TDMA/GSM/LTE mobile phones from idea to manufacturing and delivering to
    the market.
  • Designed and developed Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuits (MMIC) up to
    high GHz
  • Designed and researched on RF/microwave blocks and practically
    implemented and tested. These include passive filters (C-X bands), hybrid (S
  • Designed monolithic active filters (S-L Bands), Designed broadband novel
    distributed amplifiers (2-20 GHz)
  • Designed high efficiency RF and microwave amplifiers,
  • Designed low distortion RF and microwave amplifiers (500 MHz -15 GHz) and
    low noise amplifiers (1.6 GHz),
  • Designed, simulated and implemented MMIC negative resistance and
    capacitance circuits.

  We have:

  • Conducted industry sponsored projects for: European Space Agency (ESA),
    Murta-Marconi (formerly British AeroSpace), ERA Technology, Philips and
    Electronica, Fujitsu, Samsung

  • In depth knowledge of using RF/Digital CAD packages.

  We have:

  • Published many scientific articles in international/prestigious/refereed
About Us

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